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Till now we had been through exclusive and extensive quality work. We are professionals in designing windows desktop software, database application, android development, automation using embedded system (AVR, PIC, 8051/52, Arduino, Raspberry Pi).

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Quality is Our Top Priority

Quality is a tradition at Engineers Guild

At, we're committed to providing you with high quality and the best possible service. And even with 05 years' of experience and technical expertise, we don't rest on our laurels. Instead, we strive for continuous quality improvement.

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What We Do?

At Engineers Guild, we provide services related to Electronics Engineering, Software Designing and Android App Development.

Electronic Engineering

AVR, PIC, 8051/52 Micro-controllers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi. Design include controls based on GSM, GPS, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), WiFi, RFID, IR, RF and Bio-metric.

service 1

PCB Manufacturing

We provide a complete PCB dsign service. The professional customized service help customers to save time and reduce the workload in designing Printed Circuit Board. We are offering 2 layer/4 layer prototyping PCB board and small batches of PCB.

service 2

Software Designing

C#, C++, VB.NET, ASP.NET, MSSQL, MySQL Server/Database. We primarily develop applications which automates everyday workflow of a company or organization and makes life easier.

service 3

Android App Development

If you have got an amazing idea for Android app development, we are the team you are looking for to execute that Android app development idea. Hire us now to make your Android app.

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Find exclusive whole range of Engineers Guild products in the store. Products ranging from passive components to prototyping boards and accessories are available.

Have You Seen our Works?

Some of the work at Engineers Guild has been shared as our portfolio, which represents our diversity and command on subject.

project 1

Ethernet Port Extension

ClientPeter Y. Parrish
DateFebruary 2015
SkillsPCB Design, Altium Designer, 2-Layers

The design is based around a Realtek RTL8201CL Single-Port 10/100M Fast Ethernet PHYceiver. The board connects to the NanoBoard via one of the User Header connectors.

project 2

Temperature Logging Software

ClientEngineers Guild Product
DateDecember 2018
SkillsBeginner/Intermediate, Micro-controller Programming

This software is compatible to MS Windows 7, 8, 10. Virtual COM Port must be installed so that it can take signals from the devices connected via USB port. Just install this software and configure it with the Development Board shown in picture or use Arduino UNO for sensor interface. This will display real time Temperature as well as logs the temperature in a text file.

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project 3

4x LEACH Relay control Board using Arduino as a Shield

DateMarch 2018
SkillsPCB Designing, Arduino UNO, Capacitors

This board is designed to control 4 Loads seperately or simultainously. The circuit incorporates 4 LEACH relays alongwith 4x 10,000 uF capacitor to hold the charge incase to operate it remotely. Arduino UNO resides over this PCB which controls all the switching. 24v standard power source is used for the Relays and Capacitors where as Arduino is powered with 5v signal. This circuit was used with LoRA to operate in a mile distance away.

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project 4

8051 mini Development Board

ClientEngineers Guild Product
Dateupdated September 2018
Product TypeEducational, School, College, University Project purpose, Automation

With this board you can develop and prototype with any of 8051 40 pin microcontrollers. The RS232 driver on board allows easy connection with PC or other embedded hardware. The board have status LEDs. The board can be powered DC power supply adapters 5V or 12V / 1 Amp.

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project 5

Inventory Management Software and POS

ClientEngineers Guild Prduct
DateJuly 2017
FeaturesInventory Management, POS, Database, Barcode Reader, Receipt Print

This Inventory Management and Point of Sale software is a best match for all the retail stores and Shopping Marts. User can add any amount of products, define tax rate, add or delete products in inventory. Stock tracking and Bar Code scanner and checkout receipt printer.

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project 6

Ethernet Port Extension

ClientPeter Y. Parrish
DateFebruary 2015
SkillsPCB Design, Altium Designer, 2-Layers

The design is based around a Realtek RTL8201CL Single-Port 10/100M Fast Ethernet PHYceiver. The board connects to the NanoBoard via one of the User Header connectors.

project 9

Port Switcher PCB Layout

ClientSimon  Attah
DateDecember 2017
SkillsAltium Designer

FPGA design project that configures four 16-bit port channels which can be configured (enabled and disabled) and data mapped under control of a TSK51 microprocessor and C code implement a simple command interpreter, a serial port handler and the port configuration routines.

  • project 1

    PoE using Altium Designer

    Power over Ethernet circuit using Altium Designer

  • project 2

    Temperature Logging Application

    Live Temperature Logging using 8051

  • project 3

    Relay control board

    Arduino based 4 LEACH relays control board

  • project 4

    8051 Development Board v1.0

    8051 Dev board for learning and Project Design

  • project 5

    Point of Sale Software

    Grocery shop, marts PoS and Inventory Software

  • project 6

    PoE circuit design

    PCB Layout using Altium Designer

  • project 9

    Port Switcher Layout

    4-USB port switcher Layout in Altium Designer

Who We Are?

At Engineers Guild you will find some bunch of intelligent Engineers and Developers who are expert and possess high set of skills.

team 1

Malik Umair Latif


Expert in Automation, Embedded System Design, Software Development.

MALIK UMAIR LATIF is an MPhil Computer Science scholar and also possess a Bachelors of Science in Electronics. Working on various electronics projects both for industry and educational purposes, provided him ample experience in executing a complex embedded system project. Aside from doing electronics related projects, he is also proficient in designing Windows desktop based softwares which includes the integeration of Database (both Oracle and MySQL).

team 2

Malik Uzair Latif

Project Manager

Expert in Project Management, Inventory Management, Procurement, Software Development.

MALIK UZAIR LATIF is an intelligent, self tought electronics enthusiast and an entrepreneur. He has won a Gold medal and a Silver medal consecutively two years in Intel Science Exhibition for KPK, Pakistan. His recent work includes 6DOF robotic arm synchronization with human hand moment, keeping the vision of helping physically impaired persons. Aside from all his co-curicular activities, he is a very brilliant student currently pursuing his Bachelors in Computer Science.

team 3

Noman Siddique

Web Developer
Software Developer

Proficient in Web Development using HTML, Javascript and CSS. Experienced in Software Development using C# and Oracle Database.

NOMAN SIDDIQUE possess a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science with experience in Oracle Database and Desktop Software Development using C# as well as Web Development using HTML, Javascript and CSS.


Engineers Guild designs custom electronics: hardware, embedded software and designs with Microcontrollers (8- bit, 16-bit and 32-bit). Do you need the right embedded electronics and do standard solutions not suffice? Then Engineers Guild finds a turn-key solution in an innovative, creative and flexible way. Our central focuses are meeting your wishes and designing high quality electronics. The projects Engineers Guild executes are very diverse; from sensors for navigation embedded industrial electronics. Engineers Guild has extensive experience and knowledge, thanks to the versatile team that is always aware of the latest technological developments. Engineers Guild identifies your wishes and designs the embedded electronics. After designing, Engineers Guild realizes prototypes. During the electronics design, Engineers Guild helps with the design of the enclosure and often coordinates the production of the embedded electronics. Engineers Guild focuses on long-term relationships and therefore often invests in projects.


  • Embedded System Design (GSM, GPS, IR, RF, WiFi, Ethernet)

  • PCB Design using Altium Designer

  • Microcontroller Programming (AVR, PIC, 8051, Arduino, RPi)

  • Software Development (, C#), Web Development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

  • Android App Development (using React Native)

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"Possibly the best worker I ever had the privilege of working with! A true expert in his field and a hard and through worker. All my best recommendations!"

client 1 Peter Y. Parrish USA

"Have good intentions and has the know-how but was unresponsive late to communicate and but completed the work on time. Worker did understand his errors. Chance for more out of this worker. Would use his services again under consideration"

client 2 Yosh Canada

"He is good in what he is doing and he knew how to get the job done, glad to see the result of this project."

client 3 Simon  Attah Kenya

"Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away"

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